Merry Ambulance: Ambulance Booking Application for Emergency Health Response

Online ambulance booking in India
Online ambulance booking in India

For the provision of emergency medical care, ambulances are essential. Online ambulance booking in India is now possible. The original intent of the traditional versions of these vehicles was to provide patients with a comfortable ride to the closest hospital. But the newer ambulances are considerably better now because of technical developments. It is also not unexpected to see ambulances of all types, sizes, and shapes. The ambulances are equipped with necessary features including heart defibrillators, oxygen, and intravenous drips.

Not only have these innovations become entrenched in the physical world, but ambulances have also made a significant digital leap. You don’t have to wait around for an ambulance to arrive for long thanks to online ambulance booking services. The patient will be transported to the closest hospital while they still have time in your ambulance, which will arrive on time and have all the upgraded amenities previously mentioned. Online ambulance booking in India has opened the door for further advantages.

These services are available to patients who need to hire an ambulance in an emergency or even for routine medical care. Additionally, they can find neighbouring ambulance services that are available and reserve one from such agencies. The purpose of online ambulance services is to give patients access to real-time updates on the identity and contact information of the person operating the booked ambulance. You can monitor the ambulance’s real-time location and estimated time of arrival in the hospital as it approaches you. To keep them stable while being transported to the hospital, patients have access to all forms of first assistance within the ambulance.

People can instantly and conveniently book an ambulance using Merry Health’s online ambulance booking app. The user must select the hospital, the pickup location, and the size of the ambulance. In an emergency, the user only needs to specify the pickup and destination; the system will then make reservations on their behalf for the closest ambulance and hospital. An alert is sent to the ambulance operator after a reservation is made to confirm the booking. The ambulance driver may see the pick-up and drop-off locations on Google Maps. Users will be provided with the driver’s contact details. Hospitals can also access the booking history. This ambulance booking app will do this by saving

lives in medical emergencies.

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The user can reserve an emergency vehicle regardless of the vehicle’s size, in which case a random hospital will be assigned to the user, or they can reserve an ambulance through online booking depending on the size of the vehicle and a preferred hospital. After the ambulance driver answers the user’s request, the user will be informed of the status of their reservation.

Merry Health – Types of Ambulances:

Patient Transport

They are equipped with a wheelchair, stretcher, and some basic first aid supplies. This service may require a basic ambulance because the patient is being transferred from one hospital to another on a planned, non-emergency basis. It is occasionally necessary to move critically ill patients in a Neonatal Ambulance or an advanced ambulance in order to continuously check the patient’s condition.

Basic Life Support

While BLS cars are equipped with basic medical supplies and oxygen and are adequate for short-distance medical transport, it is not recommended to use them for patients who need critical care. The basic life support ambulance is used to transfer patients who are bedridden, unable to move around, or in life-threatening situations. Before the patient arrives at the hospital, oxygen, blood transfusions, and other medical supplies given by the ambulance help to stabilize the patient.

Advanced Life Support

A ventilator, defibrillator, portable suction pump, blood pressure monitor, and all other necessary vital monitoring equipment are all included in the ALS, the most modern type of emergency medical transport. Ambulances are utilized in situations of acute disease or emergencies needing intensive life support. The ambulance is equipped with heart monitors, glucose testing equipment, cardiac life support systems, and other critical care machines as required. Medical professionals with training and paramedics are on hand.


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