Why should you invest in Digital Gold during this Dhanteras and Diwali?

On the first day of Diwali, also known as Dhantrayodshi, buying gold and other prescious metals is considered lucky. Dhanteras is particularly significant for the business community since it is the traditional day for purchasing Gold. 

Diwali is the best time around the year. Everyone is waiting to celebrate. Buying Gold is considered precious during Diwali & Dhanteras. Buying and gifting Gold during Diwali is popular across all ages and income levels, typically resulting in gold desire reaching its yearly peak around this time.  

During COVID-19, when everything was closed down, people preferred investing in Digi gold. As most individuals considered visiting a jewellery store risky. In such times, Gold may be obtained digitally because it is not only easy to buy but also simple to store. Purchasing Gold online is super easy and quick with eSwarna. The costs are as low as Rs 100 per for all who opt to pay for digital Gold.

Purchasing Gold during this festive season remains a popular investment choice for many. There are several methods to invest in Gold. While purchasing real Gold in the form of coins, bars, or jewellery is perhaps the most common method of obtaining Gold in India.  

Across all categories, demand for Digital Gold has increased during the covid wave. Though still in its infancy at around 1-2%, the online gold market in India is receiving a significant push from digital players who see it as an opportunity and large jewellers. 


How does Digital Gold function?

Instead of purchasing the same quantity of Gold and putting it in your lockers, you will have a particular quantity of Gold tied to your name or account. This has certain benefits and drawbacks, but before getting there, let’s look at how the system operates.

Because the Gold is digitally linked with you, you don’t have to be concerned about its safety at all times. eSwarna will take the specified amount of Gold you ordered and store it in their vaults.

Buying in Gold is straightforward, and most companies will take a similar approach. Before investing in Digi Gold is necessary to go through the terms of service and policy, regardless.  


Down are a few steps to start your Digital Gold Investments with us.

Step 1: Open your account with us and select Digital Gold Locker.

Step 2: Check the pricing and proceed with the transaction.

Step 3: Enter the quantity and pay the amount.

Step 4: Get your Digital Gold in your account once payment is made.

Step 5: Get your Digi Gold into physical Gold on demand.


Which type of gold is better to buy during Dhanteras? Digital gold Or Actual gold

People buy gold on a particular Muhurat on the auspicious day of Dhanteras, which is regarded as lucky in Indian culture. Hence purchasing gold Digital Gold on that Muhurat can be quick along with 100% assurance of the quality, rather than visiting the physical store. Unlike Physical or Real Gold, one may begin investing in Digital Gold at as low as INR 100 and progress to Rs 100,000 daily. Whereas in physical Gold, the customer must purchase a minimum of 5 gramme of Gold. Taxes can applied to both methods of payment at the same rate of 3%.

Gold has acted as a resource of Income and a great investment option for many during the previous few centuries. 

In recent years, it is observed an increase in the use of digital Gold as an asset class. Due to its extremely liquid and flexible character, digital Gold has emerged as the preferred form of investing in Gold among digital-first investors. 

Additionally, the purest certified physical gold units, such as bars and coins, may be exchanged for the Digi gold assets. Additionally, eSwarna’s rapid money transfers and the direct sale of Digital Gold are all options.

E-Swarna Digi gold appears appealing with features such as a minimum range of Rs. 100, transparency, and no purity issues. Its 3% storage cost to the site and 3% GST might deplete all or most of your returns.

 Which is better? Physical Gold or Digital Gold?

In an age where alternative forms of investing are becoming increasingly popular, Gold remains one of the safest things to invest in. Gold has repeatedly been a hedge against rising prices and market volatility. This yellow and precious metal is always an excellent method to diversify your portfolio but only invest in Gold with a limited allocation of less than 10% of the whole portfolio.

 Storing physical Gold in the home to save storage fees might be risky. Also, this would generally include Gold in designs and patterns with expensive manufacturing costs.

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Moreover, it’s the most financial asset and may be passed down through generations. Investing in Digital Gold with eSwarna is simple and entails little to no risk compared to other choices like shares and securities. 

What is the difference between Physical Gold and Digital gold?

 Purchasing gold jewellery as an investment is not a bad idea. The use of gold as a liquid asset to help you diversify your portfolio. 

However, gold jewellery has its own set of expenditures, such as making charges, hallmarks and much more, which add up to the overall cost of ownership. Furthermore, these fees are not recoverable while liquidating the jewellery. 

 Furthermore, it may not be easy to sell jewellery for cash. Gold, on the other hand, is a waste of money. A lump of Gold will never generate anything and will stay the same lump of Gold. Its worth grows completely on the assumption that someone else will ultimately pay more for it.

 Physical Gold regards to hedge against inflation. The popularity of digital Gold has been steadily increasing. Nevertheless, you will be disappointed if you anticipate tremendous profits from Gold. One should be aware that the returns on Gold vary depending on the instrument. Surprisingly, gold jewellery and gold coins provide lesser returns than digital Gold. This is because electronic Gold offers lower transaction fees than actual Gold.  

 Summing it Up

Its believed that the Gold bought around Dhanteras and Diwali  brings good luck and fortune for the entire year. Hence on this day, India tends to buy precious metals such as Gold and silver. During this time, the increase in demand for yellow metal. Which spikes in gold prices, making purchasing gold jewellery extremely expensive for many people. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

 With more consumers preferring quick and paperless investing and payment choices, Digital Gold may be a better gold-saving option than traditional gold-buying techniques. Instead of going to stores and standing in lengthy lines all day during Dhanteras, buy Digital Gold from the comfort of your own home.


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