(14 Ways) (Real) Instagram Followers Kaise Badhaye Without App

Instagram Followers Kaise Badhaye Free: In Today’s Time Everyone Uses Instagram And Therefore Everyone Wants To Earn Money By Increasing More And More Followers On Instagram. There Are Many People Who Have Become Celebrities Today By Working On Instagram And Are Earning Big Money. If You Want To Increase Followerpass On Instagram Then You Have Come To The Right Blog Post.

In Today’s Article, We Are Going To Tell You About Instagram Par Followers Kaise Badhaye. In This Article, We Are Going To Tell You About Some Apk’s Along With Genuine Ways To Increase Instagram Followers, From Which You Can Increase followers On Instagram In A Very Short Time.

So Let’s Start Without Taking Much Of Your Time, Let’s Start Today’s Blog Post And Know How To Increase Followers On Instagram For Free.

How To Increase Real Followers On Instagram (Instagram Par Followers Kaise Badhaye)

To Increase Real Followers And Likes On Instagram, We Have Told You 14 Such Powerful Tips, Which If You Follow, You Can Gain Good Followers For Free In A Very Short Time And Earn Money From Instagram. In All These Ways, You Will Continue To Get Free Followers On Instagram For A Lifetime. So Let’s Know – How To Increase Like Followers On Instagram.

#1 – Switch Instagram Profile to Professional Account

The Very First Step To Increase Follower Likes On Instagram For Free Is To Switch Your Instagram Account To A Professional Account. You Can Create A New Instagram Account Or Switch Any Instagram Accounts You Already Have To A Professional Account.

In A Professional Instagram Account, You Get Some Extra Features Through Which You Can Quickly Increase Followers On Instagram. To Switch Instagram Account To Professional Account, Follow The Process Given Below.

  • First Of All Login To Your Instagram Account.
  • Here You Will Find The Icon Of Profile At The Bottom, Click On It.
  • After Coming To The Profile, Click On The 3 Line Made In The Top Right Side.
  • Here Click On The Setting Option.
  • After This, You Have To Click On The Account Option.
  • At The Bottom Of The Account, You Will Find The Option To Switch To a Professional Account and Click On It.
  • After This, You Have To Select Your Category, That Is, Select A Category Relevant To The Type Of Content You Will Publish On Instagram. As You Are A Blogger, You Can Select Blogger.
  • Now You Have To Select your Account Type. If You Are Creating A Professional Account To Promote Your Business On Instagram Then Select Business And If You Are A Creator Then Select Creator.
  • In This Way, Your Normal Instagram Account Will Be Switched To A Professional Account, And You Will Also Get Some Promotion Tools To Grow your Instagram Account.

#2 – Optimize Instagram Profile

After Switching Instagram Account To Professional Account To Increase Followers Instantly On Instagram, The Next Step Comes To Optimize The Account. You Have To Optimize Your Profile Well On Instagram, Because of Any User, Will Follow Only After Seeing Your Profile.

That’s Why You Have To Optimize Your Profile In Such A Way That Users Follow You. To Optimize Instagram Profile, You Can Take Care Of Some Things Mentioned Below –

  • If You Are A Creator, Then Write Your Own Name In The Profile Name, Or You Can Write Your Name Which Will Go On People’s Tongue. And If You Are Creating A Profile For The Business, Then Write The Name Of Your Business In The Profile Itself.
  • Write An Attractive Bio That Describes Your Identity.
  • If You Have A Website Or YouTube Channel, Then Definitely Add It To Your Profile Bio.
  • For Business, You Can Also Mention Your Email ID In Bio.

#3 – Post Regular Content

Whether You Talk About Growth On Any Platform, The Most Important Thing In This Is Your Consistency In Work. Unless You Regularly Share Content In Instagram Profile, Your Followers Are Not Going To Increase As Much As You Can. To Increase Instagram 1k Followers Quickly, You Have To Publish Content Regularly.

In The Beginning, You Must Publish At Least 2 Posts In A Day And Keep The Time Fixed For Posting Together. As The Content In Your Profile Will increases, You Will Have Good Growth On Instagram, And Your Real Followers Will Increase As Soon As Possible Without The Help Of Any App. So You Have To Post Regularly.

#4 – Create Reels everyday

At Present, The Most Viral Content On The Internet Is Short Videos, Examples Of Which You Can See In The Form Of Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts . Instagram Reel Is A Short Video From 30 Seconds To 1 Minute, Which Is Shown On Instagram As Well As Facebook Short.

You Can Gain Followers Very Quickly By Making Instagram Reel On Trending Topic Because Reel Made On Trending Topic Becomes Viral Very Quickly. There Are Many Such Instagram Influencers, So They Became Celebrities Overnight By Making A Reel. In This Way, You Can Increase Followers On Instagram With The Help Of the App.

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#5 – Use more Stories

Instagram Story Is Similar To Whatsapp Status Which Automatically Expires After 24 Hours. Instagram Story Also Gets Good Reach Because It Is Displayed At The Top Of The Homepage Of The Instagram App Users Also Like To See Instagram Story.

By Creating An Instagram Story, You Will Get The Advantage That All Your Followers Will Be Updated About You, And Your Activeness On Instagram Will Increase. Along With This, Instagram Story Also Reaches The Devices Of People Who Have Not Followed You. In Such A Situation, If People Like Your Story, Then They Will Follow You By Coming To Your Profile. In This Way, You Can Also Increase Real Followers On Instagram With The Help Of Stories.

#6 – Use necessary hashtags

To Increase The Reach Of Instagram Content, You Must Use Hashtag (#), This Helps You To Increase Followers On Instagram Quickly. If You Do Not Know The Importance Of #Tag, Then For Your Information, Let Us Tell You That In Front Of Whichever Word You Put #Tag, Then It Becomes A Keyword.

And Your Content Reaches Those People Who Are Interested In The Topic Related To That #Tag, Due To Which The Chances Of Increasing Free Real Followers On Your Instagram Are More.

Let Us Understand With An Example, If You Post Blogging Related Content On Instagram, Then You Can Use #Blogging In Your Post. This Will Give You The Advantage That Your Content Will Also Reach The Devices Of Those People Who Are Interested In Blogging, Which Will Help In Increasing Your Followers. But You Have To Keep In Mind One Thing Use #Tag Only Related To Your Content.

#7 – Add Location to Post

Whenever You Share A Post on your Instagram account, you must also add your location because there are chances of increasing your Instagram followers. Let’s Tell How? When You Add Location To Instagram Post, Instagram Reaches Your Post To The User Of That Location, And If The User Likes Your Post And Profile Then He Also Follows You.

#8 – Follow Other Insta Profiles

This Is The Best Way To Increase Followers On Instagram For A Beginner, You Can Make Good Followers In Less Time By Following Other People’s Profiles. You Do Not Have To Randomly Follow Any Person But Follow People By Making A Right Strategy. For Example, You Can Follow People Who Comment And Like On The Posts Of Big Influencer Related To Your Niche Or Category.

For Example, If You Post Technology-Related Content On Instagram, Then You Post Technology-Related Content On Instagram By Following Big Influencers Who Have A Good Number Of Followers And People Who Like Or Comment On Their Posts. Can.

If You Follow Even 20 People In A Day, Then If You Have Good Content On Your Profile, Then 5 Out Of 20 People Will Definitely Follow You Back, Because They Are Also Interested In Technology. In This Way, You Can Increase More Followers By Following Other Profiles.

Note: Here You Have To Keep In Mind. Does Not Follow Too Many People, Because By Doing This Instagram Can Also Disable Your Account. You Can Follow 20 To 50 People In A Day.

#9 – Like and Comment

You Like, Comment On The Post Of Influencer Who Is Sharing Content Related To Your Topic. This Not Only Increases Your Activeness On Instagram And Also By Commenting On Every Post People Start Recognizing You And Check Your Profile. If They Like Your Profile And Your Content, Then They Also Follow You. In This Way, You Can Also Increase Follower By Liking And Commenting On Other Influencer’s Posts.

#10 – Publish a post on a trending topic

Publishing A Post On A Trending Topic Gives A Good Reach To The Post, Which Increases The Follower Quickly. Create Content Related To Whatever Is Trending At The Present Time. Such Content Goes Viral Very Quickly. If Any Song Is Trending On Instagram, Then You Can Add It To Your Post.

#11 – Increase your activity on Instagram

Instagram Promotes Your Profile Only When Your Activeness On Instagram Is High. Instagram Should Assume That You Are Active On Instagram Regularly.

You Can Follow Some Of The Tips Mentioned Below To Increase Your Followers On Instagram.

  • Publish Posts Regularly.
  • Follow Other Profiles
  • Like, Comment On Other People’s Posts.
  • Create Instagram Stories Daily
  • Can Stream Live Video.

By The Way, We Have Already Told You In Detail About Increasing Activeness On Instagram In The Last Few Points.

#12 – Link Instagram to other social media platforms

It Will Not Happen That You Only Use Instagram. You Can Link Your Instagram Profile On Any Social Media Platform You Use Other Than Instagram. Almost All Social Media Platforms Provide This Feature.

You Link Your Instagram Profile To FacebookTwitter , Pinterest Etc. This Will Increase The Number Of Followers You Have On These Platforms, Some Of Them Will Also Follow You On Instagram, And The Number Of Your Instagram Followers Will Increase.

#13 – Post Collaboration

Collaboration Post Means To Post In Collaboration With Someone. You Can Collaborate With Such Instagram Influencer Related To Your Niche I.E. Topic Who Has A Good Number Of Followers. This Will Give You The Advantage That Some Of The Followers Of That Influencer Will Also Follow You And The Number Of Your Followers Will Increase.

Almost All Big Influencers Accept Collaboration Post, You Can Request For Collaboration By Contacting Them. But Let Us Tell You One Thing, Almost All Influencers Charge For Posting Collaboration. That’s Why You Have To Pay To Increase Instagram Followers Through This Method.

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#14 – Play Paid Ads on Instagram

If You Want To Increase Followers On Instagram In A Very Short Time, Then You Can Resort To Instagram Paid Ads. When You Switch Normal Instagram Account To Professional Instagram Account, You Get The Option Of Promotion Or Boost Post In Every Post, Through Which You Can Run Paid Ads On Instagram, And Gain Followers Quickly.

If You Want To Customize Your Ad Properly, Then You Can Run Ad On Instagram From Facebook Ad Manager. But To Run Paid Ad, You Must Have Skill, Otherwise, There Is A Risk Of Financial Risk In It.

APP to increase Instagram Likes and Followers

All The Above 14 Ways To Increase Follower On Instagram, Which We Have Told Are Absolutely Genuine And Through All These Methods You Can Gain Real Followers.

But If You Want To Increase Followers On Instagram Immediately, Then You Can Take The Help Of The App. You Will Find Many Such Applications On The Internet, Through Which You Can Make 1000 Followers In 5 Minutes. But Let Us Tell You That All These Followers Are Fake And Neither Will You Get Good Engagement From Them. And There Is Also A Possibility That The Followers Made By The App May Automatically Decrease In the Future.

If You Want To Earn Money By Becoming An Instagram Influencer, Then Follow The Above Mentioned 14 Methods And If You Want To Increase Followers Just For The Sake Of Appearance, Then You Can Take The Help Of The Mobile Application Mentioned Below.

  • Instafollowerspro – This Is A Very Good Apk To Increase Instagram Followers, By Downloading Which You Can Increase Followers As Well As Likes On Instagram.
  • Getinsta – Getinsta Mod Apk Is An Application That Lets You Get Unlimited Likes On Instagram. This App Provides You Different Ways To Get Likes On Instagram Fast.
  • Popular Up – If You Want To Make Your Name Fast On Instagram Then Popular Up Tool Is Made For You, This Apk Also Helps You To Increase Follower Quickly Like Other Apk.
  • FollowerGir – FollowerGir Is A Coin Based Application That Gives You Real Instagram Followers In Exchange For Some Coins.

Apart From All This, Many Such Applications Are Available On The Internet, With The Help Of Which You Can Increase Instagram Followers Instantly.

FAQ on how to increase followers on Instagram

1. How To Increase 1000 Followers On Instagram In 1 Day?

You Can Easily Increase 1000 Or More Followers In 1 Day By Running Paid Ad On Instagram.

2. Which Is The App To Increase Followers On Instagram?

There Are Many Apps To Increase Followers On Instagram Like – Getinsta, Instafollowerspro, Popular Up, FollowerGir Etc.

3. How To Increase Likes And Views On Instagram?

You Can Easily Increase Likes And Views On Instagram By Following The Methods Mentioned In The Article.

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