The Top 6 Manhwa Apps for IOS and Android Devices 2022

The popularity of Manhwa has been rapidly increasing recently. With the development of technology, many applications have been launched in the market which makes people confused about which apps they should download. You can get all your favorite Manhwa in your library in an easy way. It’s convenient for readers to access books anywhere and anytime as well as amuse themselves with the top Manhwa.

You can get the best experience if you download the right apps for reading. This is the reason we’ve compiled a list of the top Manhwa applications for iOS and Android. 


A fan of Manhwa must have heard of Even when you contrast to Funimation—another well-known anime streaming service—only it’s one of the top streaming services available. Additionally, the platform features a separate Manhwa-only app, which may surprise you. It is available for both Android and IOS devices.

This app allows you to access a huge library of the best Manhwa with a broad range of genres. Some Manhwa chapters are available for free reading. Unfortunately, a premium account is required if you want to read all the chapters. Surprisingly, you can’t subscribe to through the Manhwa app; you must use the main anime app or go to the website instead. The Manhwa is still excellent, even though the app could certainly use a fresh coat of paint.


Best webtoons may be the ideal app for you if you want a place that is a comfortable reading experience, free Manhwa chapters, and a big library of the best and most recent Manhwa. Both Android and IOS devices are permitted to download.

Best Webtoon contains dozens of Manhwa in various genres for you to read. Finding something unusual and entertaining isn’t too hard; there’s even a Manhwa based on Marvel.

The best thing about Best webtoon is that the latest chapters from the Webtoon Naver series are published for free reading which makes it one of the greatest legal sites to read Manhwa online for free. True Beauty, All off us are dead, and other series’ newest chapters are available for free reading. But you have to be a Best webtoons subscriber to read more chapters. 


If you’re addicted to Korean movies and comic books, is the right place for you. It is for Android and IOS devices. It includes a big collection of 100,000 comics and Manhwa for you to choose from. You can search for any webtoons you want to read, even Our Beloved Summer or Our Blues. Additionally, if you want to read comics from your computer, you may also view webtoons & Manhwa through your web browser if you’re seeking one of the top manhwa readers for Windows or Mac.

A lot of Manhwa, even various famous Manhwa titles are also uploaded on this app though it focuses mostly on manhwa. Or you might add to your wishlist by discovering a new hidden gem. 

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  • WebComics

If you’re a Manhwa lover, WebComics is an app that is very familiar to you. You can download it on both Android and IOS devices. You can also search for a lot of unique original works made for fans of Korean idols, Romance Manhwa. WebComics offers a variety of Manhwa authors from around the world. Additionally, you can join the WebComics library if you’ve ever dreamed of creating and publishing your Manhwa or comics.

Especially, It’s a place that connects thousands of Manhwa lovers. If you know how to draw anime and Manhwa comics, it’s one of the best places to get the Manhwa you never knew you wanted and even publish your work.


Manhua is another app for reading Manhwa. Although Manhua isn’t your standard Manhwa app, it does provide free access to the most recent chapters of some of the most well-known Manhwa.

It allows you to access the library for free and read the most recent chapters of Manhwa as soon as they are published. However, Manhua only offers the first and last three episodes, which is perfect if you only want to read the most recent chapters. You’ll have to go somewhere else, though, if you’re not up to speed on the series.  

It is also available for Android and IOS devices for free downloading. 


  • Lezhin

Lezhin is a simple app to use, after downloading and purchasing a membership, you can start reading comics freely. You have access to a collection of more than a thousand licensed games, such as Fire Force and Attack on Titan. You will get unlimited access to it all with the subscription, and new chapters are daily updated.

You are permitted to free access one chapter for 24 hours if you’re unsure whether you want to subscribe.  You can become hooked before deciding to subscribe.

  If you decide not to pay, you can return the following day and read another chapter for free. Like other apps, it supports both Android and IOS devices. 

Here are the best 6 apps for Manhwa lovers. Hope you enjoy all of them to get the best experience. 


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