What Are Advantages Of LEDs Or Traditional Bulbs?

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The lighting industry has evolved completely. LEDs have swept the traditional luminary market due to a variety of reasons. You might have noticed that people have started decorating there homes and offices with different kinds of lighting, not just for clarity of vision but for improvising the overall aesthetics as well. Be it LED Downlight, cob lights or even strip lights, luminaries play a very important role in highlighting the most pleasing corners of your home by casting a fantastic reflection, which is not possible otherwise.

The marketplace is flooded with global brands, but as Indians, our aim should be to make ‘Made in India’ brands popular and take them to the global level. Ledure is one such flourishing name that is gathering a lot of trust from its customers. They have a set of loyal users all over India. Known for its quality, and effective pricing, Ledure has well captured and carved its prominent position in the industry. It’s definitely the one stop shop for anything and everything luminary. 

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Now that you know well where to buy the lighting solutions, let’s throw some light on how the modern day LEDs are better than conventional bulbs :- 

1. Energy saving 

The major problem with fluorescent bulbs was they used to light up a whole area and not a particular spot where you want more focus. Which means there’s a lot of energy wastage, which can be totally avoided in case of LEDs. They consume 50% less energy than the bulbs and there are no heating problems as well. You can touch the LED batten light safely. 

2. Durability at its peak 

Do you remember those times when bulbs used to get fused every month? Now this problem is resolved. All you have to do is bring a trusted LED at home and be carefree for years. The technology has become so revolutionized that the companies are able to deliver everything that is customer friendly at an affordable cost, and we all know the importance of durability be it any electrical and electronics items. 

3. Instant on

Be it low voltage or regular voltage, the incandescent bulb takes time in providing maximum brightness output, which is not the case with LED lights. They start emitting premium bright light as soon as they are switched on, thus enabling safety that is very important in factories where workers work on heavy machineries and even a single second of power outage may result in deadly situations; The tube lights at home earlier used to take time in coming to their full glory, on the contrary, the LED batten light gets switched on in a jiffy. The choice is yours.

4. No UV emission

As a matter of fact less than 10% of power used in traditional bulbs helps in lightning, the rest of the energy is converted into radiated heat and UV radiation, which affects human body in many ways.

5. Varied design for different places

Gone are the days when we used to have the same bulbs and tube lights in living room, bed room and bathrooms, showrooms, offices and manufacturing units, now there are 100s of options available, which are exclusively designed to cater that particular area. You must study in detail about the types of lighting and their usage on Ledure’s website, which will help you with a clear picture so that you can take wiser decisions.

Now that you know why LEDs are superior to the old school lighting, you must switch to LED Downlight immediately and fill your home with warmth and affection. Start shopping now and thank us later!






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