Standard wrench Vs special industrial wrenches

Wrenches are a common tool designed to add torque and grip to undo or do up, things like nuts, bolts, and pipes. They come in a large variety of sizes and there are over 40 types of wrenches available on the market today. Some of these are very common and others more obscure. Several can be found in almost every home and business throughout the world. They are available in metric or the standard unit measuring system (millimeters or inches). Wrenches come in 2 categories, the standard wrench (not referring to its measuring system) and the special industrial wrenches. Here we will look at both categories, what they are used for, and the pros and cons of each.

Standard wrench

The standard wrench is of the more common variety, the ones that you will find in most toolboxes, and garages, and used in a large variety of industries. These include:


  • Pipe and chain wrenches 


  • Adjustable wrench


  • Torque wrench


  • Oil filter wrench


  • Ratchet wrench


  • Sockets and spanners


  • Allen key wrenches


You have probably heard of all these standard wrenches and may already own some of them. If you are part of the automotive industry, plumber, DIY-er, or builder, then you most likely use them every day. 

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Special industrial wrench

Although you may have heard of some of the special industrial wrenches, unless you are in the specific industry you’ve probably never used one, let alone bought one. These are not the most common wrenches and are often dedicated to one specific job or industry. They include:


  • Monkey wrench


  • Basin wrench


  • Spud wrench


  • Drum key


  • Hammer wrench


  • Tension wrench


  • Armorer’s wrench, and more.

This category of wrenches is larger than the standard range. Although a few of the wrenches have similarities to some of the standard wrenches, most have specific uses. 

Pros and cons

The biggest pros and cons between the two categories of wrenches are versatility, availability, and cost. Within the standard wrench range the tools are more versatile and can be used in more situations, whereas the specific industrial wrenches don’t have the same versatility. Nor are they as readily available. A standard wrench can be found in many stores whether they are hardware stores, supermarkets, tool stores, or at cheap shops. They are easily found and can be very inexpensive made with cheap materials or more expensive and made with strong, quality materials. Industry-specific wrenches are generally made of better quality and are more costly. Unless you only use your wrenches occasionally and not for very tough work, then it doesn’t matter if you need a standard wrench or a special one, quality is a must. We suggest buying your wrenches from a reputable company, and team, like RS.

If you’re not sure whether a standard wrench will do the job for you, or if you will need a special industrial wrench then contact the team at RS Components. With their expert advice, you will be on the way to getting the perfect, quality wrench to do your job. 

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