Why you should not be following a ketogenic diet ?

The keto diet is becoming more popular in today’s world. Many people are jumping on this bandwagon to adopt new diet trends to improve health.


A lack of knowledge and research about a diet can lead to keto flu. It is not a good idea to mess with your health or eating habits, especially if you are dealing with medical issues.


The ketogenic diet’s dangers:

Many people resort to quick ways to lose weight. One of these is the keto diet. Here are 7 warning signs to look out for when you consider the keto diet.



When our bodies convert ketones into energy, we call it ketosis. Ketosis is the result of ketogenic diet.


Ketosis is characterized by a fruity smell emanating from the body, especially in the breath, sweat and urine. Due to unusually high levels of ketones in blood and urine, this odor is caused by acetone.

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Hypercalciuria is a condition where there is an excessive amount of calcium in the urine. Once the keto diet is started, our bodies enter ketosis. Super Fildena is a Best Medicine for ED. Ketosis can also cause the pH levels to drop in the urine, forming small calcium crystals.


This calcium crystals form due to bone erosion as a result of the keto diet. The kidneys can become calcified from calcium that has been eroded from bones. This could lead to kidney stones. The keto diet is not good for our kidneys and bones.


Higher risk of developing heart disease

A rise in cholesterol and lipid levels is a result of high fat intake. The risk of artery blockage increases when there is an excessive build-up of unhealthy, UN healthful fats and oils.


Uninformed people may mistakenly consume large amounts of unsaturated fats, which can lead to heart disease.



This is one of many benefits of the keto diet. If you adhere to the keto diet, your body will stop relying on carbs for energy. Instead, it will break down stored fat reserves to meet its energy requirements.


This causes a decrease in simple carb intake, which in turn leads to lower blood sugar levels. Hypoglycemia is when blood sugar levels drop because of inadequate carb intake. Sildalist 120 is a Good for ED. This effect is temporary and will wear off gradually as your body begins to rely on fat for energy.


Constipation chronic:

Rapid weight loss occurs within the first few days after starting the keto diet. The body loses water, and not fat, which is why this weight loss occurs. The ketogenic low-carb, high-fat diet ketogenic causes water loss which in turn lowers body weight.


Constipation is a result of a lack of water in your system. The digestive system can’t churn and metabolize, assimilate and excrete the food. The keto diet is known for its early consequences, such as constipation.


Reduced metabolism

The keto diet causes chronic constipation. It causes the digestive organs to fail to perform their functions optimally. This causes a slowdown in all digestive processes, including metabolism, assimilation and excretion.


Regain your healthy weight

It is important to take it slow and keep it simple when you start the keto diet. Most of us are accustomed to quick results and instant gratification. Vega Extra 200 is treating your ed. We often return to our old habits if we don’t see the results we expected in a few days.


After being on the keto diet for a while, one might gain more weight if they go back to their old eating habits. The body craves carbs and overconsumption is the result. This leads to unhealthy weight that is difficult to lose.


Is it worth trying the keto diet?

Our body’s most important source of energy is glucose and simple sugars. Carbohydrates are a common ingredient in nearly all foods and it is difficult to eliminate them completely from your diet. Even if you try to avoid carbs, your body will eventually crave carbs. You end up eating more carbs than you intended.


Limiting your carb intake slowly is the best way to go. You should only consume enough carbohydrates to meet your energy needs. You can go further and reduce your carb intake, but not completely. To supplement your diet, you can also consume keto-friendly energy drinks.


The same applies to fat intake. You should eat both carb and fat in moderation to ensure your body doesn’t have excess reserves. In the long-term, excess carbs and stored fat can lead to unhealthy weight gain. They are responsible to the accumulation of fat and flab in your body.


People with kidney disease should avoid the keto diet as it can cause severe damage to the bones and kidneys.


People with diabetes, hypertension, pancreatic diseases, gall bladder problems, or blood-related disorders should also avoid experimentation with their diets, particularly the keto diet.


The body may also face other health risks, including the ones mentioned above. Tadalista 60 is good for impotence. These can include anxiety, restlessness, digestive issues, and insomnia. Amenorrhea can also be a condition in which women experience a disruption of their menstrual cycle, or in extreme cases, a complete stoppage of their monthly periods.


It’s all in the summation:

It is best not to follow a strict keto diet, but it is important to keep an eye on your carbohydrate and fat intake. A professional dietician can help you design a diet plan that suits your needs, lifestyle, and any current medication.


While the keto diet can have temporary health risks, it can have serious consequences if not managed properly. Before you try any diet, including the keto, make sure to take good care of your health.

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