Is Baseball’s Popularity Rising or Drowning? Find Out Here

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Baseball is a viral game in America with many supporters and avid fans who arrive at every game of their favourite baseball team. Of late, baseball has seen a lot of downfalls and uprisings from players due to changes in the taste of the fans in the recent modifications made by the official body of the famous American sport.

Baseball is closely associated with cricket and has striking resemblances that are hard to ignore. The game has been derived from an old English game of stool-ball that amassed a lot of uniquely American rules that make it a completely different game from cricket. However, much like cricket in modern times, you can find a fantasy baseball app that is very fun to play and immerses you more in the universe of baseball. You can create a team with your favourite players and pit them against other rival teams online while getting to win exciting prizes and rewards.

Let’s check out some valid reasons why baseball is lately sinking into the eyes of the general public and fading into the background of international sports.

Self-sabotaging Itself

Baseball has been changing rules and regulations of late and has become pretty intractable to the point that people would get enraged. The slow fading of the game into the background of US culture seems imminent due to the clash between players and owners of the teams caused mainly due to the mishandling of the authority.

Delaying of Games

In the recent proceedings leading to the games of MLB, most of them have been acutely delayed due to unmentioned causes and silly reasons. In recent news, even training schedules have been delayed, which is very embarrassing, showing less concern for the sport. The game of baseball takes in most of its revenue from the ceremonious pre-match training and celebratory opening days. The fact that it is present on the calendar dates throughout the year is reason enough for it to stay as an occasion in the eyes of the American audience.

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Salary Discrepancy

If you follow the news, you will find that owners have changed the schemes and cut down on the salaries of the top veterans while trying to get in young players for cheap on their team. This has caused the players’ union to be disappointed and take a stab at the new rules that will deprive them of maintaining their lifestyles after giving their all to a sport. Redefining such schemes in the middle of the career of most players makes them unsure of their future in financial terms and puts a big question mark on whether players would consider committing their best to the sport or keep playing it.

MLB Lockout

MLB organized a lockout that stops all the official workings of the games, which is done when there is a very potent labor dispute due to incongruent pay scales. Owners mainly use this tool to stop workers from showing up so that the protests can be minimized and things fall into the scale of power for the owners. Given the already sad state of the game, it is a terrible move for the organization as all actions arrived at a standstill. This only made people fall out of love with the game and get distanced from it more. Only in February this year was the lockout raised after considerable time, and things were given time to stabilize for a while. Amidst all this, the unrest among workers only rose, giving players time to strengthen their agencies and get the union into more power during this suspended time.

The Innings System

The innings system is also the main problem, as ruled out by the fans. The baseball game seems to go on and on without a stop, so it is a pain to watch the same thing in circles without changing any flavor or structure. In most cases, the games go on for so long that they must be stopped in the middle, only to be resumed the next day. However, the pace of other popular sports games like cricket and football does not bore the fans as they are incredibly well organized, and the audience rarely gets bored, which is contrary to the usual baseball format.

MLB in the Future

The future of MLB looks very different than it was supposed to turn out due to its initial popularity. The five-hour games are not looking so promising as of now, and the future seems to hang by a thin line. There is a lot of money in the game but not enough agencies to let it survive for a long time. It is not entirely insane to say the game might die out in the next ten years. Only finance does not allow an institution to keep surviving. It will help if the sport had constant influence and economic support to make it an even more prosperous game or see it manifest loyalty among its fans.

Final Words

It is sometimes safe to say baseball struggles to keep its ground in such challenging times. Most top-rated players have shown contempt regarding the organization of the game and protested both in private circles and publicly. To the fans, the dwindling nature of the game and haphazard organization has made them lose interest though the robust economy is trying its best to hold on and keep it alive. For someone who is rooting for baseball to come back and make some radical changes, we can only hope things get better while being literal sitting ducks.

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