Google it, Do a barrel roll – 22 Super Cool Tricks!!

Google Tricks (Google Search Games) To Try In Your Free Time!

Google is a tool that can be used much more than looking up random things and can be used to pass the time! Check out these cool Google tricks and games like Google bar roll, and gravity next time you’ve got an extra minute to spare!

P.S. Check “Never show instant results” on the Google Search settings first!

Trick 1: Do A Barrel Roll (Do a Barrel Roll 20 times & 10 times)

Do A Barrel Roll can be described as a technique or an exciting trick? If someone types in google “Do A Barrel Roll”, then they will see the full screen spinning in 360°. It’s very impressive.

This trick can be done with very basic steps.

Open google chrome
  1. In the search bar, type “Do A Barrel Roll”
  2. Enter and this website will be
  3. Click on the website that looks like this

You will find many options here that you can click on to perform the same thing.

  • Do a Barrel Roll 20 Times
  • Do a Barrel Roll 5-6 Times
  • Do a Barrel Roll Twice
  • Do a Barrel Roll 10000 Times
  • Do a Barrel Roll 5-6 Times
  • Do a barrel roll *10
  • Do a barrel roll 20 times
  • Do a barrel roll 10 times
  • Do a barrel roll 100 times
  • Do a barrel roll twice
  • Do a barrel roll 1000 times
  • Do a barrel roll 1,000,000 times
  • Do a barrel roll fast
  • Do a barrel roll 5 times
  • Google do a barrel roll
  • Google do a barrel roll 10 times
  • Google do a barrel roll 100 times
  • Do a barrel roll 2 times?

Click on the option 20 times, and it will roll 20 times per minute

History of Do a Barrel Roll

This is only one of many Easter eggs that Google Chrome offers. This is the latest in a long line of Google easter eggs. According to reports, this idea comes from Nintendo’s Star Fox. In that animated video game, a space-pilot rabbit named Peppy instructs Fox McCloud the Fox McCloud character to “do the barrel roll”.

What browser does a Barrel Roll support?

This trick is only supported by three browsers.

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Safari
  1. What is a barrel roll?

Here’s how to follow this link: Put the word “do a barrow roll” in the search box. Enter, and in one second your stomach will turn. The entire screen will be turned upside down, then it will smoothly roll back to its original position.

  1. Roll a barrel Z or RR.

To perform the Barrel Roll in the original Star Fox game, players had to press R or L twice. To complete the Barrel Roll in Star Fox 64, players must press Z, R Z or the R button twice. To initiate a Barrel Roll, in Star Fox Adventures the player must press both buttons until they are clicked.

  1. What does a barrel roll actually mean?

An aerobatic maneuver that allows an aircraft to make a 360-degree rotation around its longitude, the Aileron roll. This is a common trick taught in basic aerobatics classes.

Trick 2: Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Watch the homepage fall to the ground using this trick. Visit Google’s Google website and search in Google gravity’. Don’t bother with the auto-suggestions, and instead press “I’m feeling lucky”. You can also toss the pieces around with your mouse! Google tricks such as Google gravity ensure that you’re never short of activities to enjoy!

Big Answers to Mind-Bending Questions
If you are aware of cool Google techniques, you’ll be unable to stop yourself from trying these. Find the answers to important questions such as the answers to life’s questions or to the universe, and you’ll be amazed to find the answers.

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Trick 3: Thanos (Google Trick)

The Google tricks to have enjoyment are a breath of fresh air when you’re bored online. This trick from Google will be a hit with fans of the Marvel movie. Simply search for Thanos in the search box and you’ll be able to see the magic as you hold the gauntlet. it will provide you with a glimpse of the film. Learn more about Google search game tips.

Trick 4: Google Sky

If you’re awestruck by galaxies and stars This trick from Google (google play game) will be a blast for you. You must definitely include this in your list of Google tricks. Google sky is all you need to do. Click on the link to google sky and you’ll be in space and discover more details about stars, celestial objects, etc.

Trick 5: Joey Tribianni (Google Search Game)

If you’re a FRIENDS fan, then you’re bound to be awed by this. Simply type Joey Tribianni in the search bar and you’ll see Wikipedia information about Joey in the upper right-hand corner. Merely click the pizza icon within the”description box and you’ll see Joey being alive from nothing.

Trick 6: Play Pacman (Google Trick Game)

Play Pacman

Pacman is a game that everyone enjoys, isn’t it? Here’s how you can play it in your web browser. To play, on the Google homepage, type in “Pacman” and press enter. Click on the link ‘Click here to play and you’re accomplished! Tadaa! Another of our most fun Google trick (google games of search) that we really love, is also a blast!

Trick 7: You Can Go And Play With Any Of The Google Doodles!

Google Doodles

You might be missing the doodle that you loved. It is possible to revisit and play with every one of the Google drawings Google has ever created! These are Google tricks games that we love! You can click this link to play all of them.

Trick 8: Atari Breakout – Google Search Game

Atari Breakout

The pictures you see in your Google search could transform into a block-breaker game! Visit Google’s Google home page and search in the search box ‘Atari breakout’. Next, go to images then click the initial picture. Viola! Your game is about to begin! You’re totally enjoying these cool Google strategies (google search game ), aren’t you?

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Trick 9: Flip A Coin

Flip A Coin

If you don’t possess a coin, but you require to flip one, make use of this technique. You can go to the Google website, enter “Flip Coin’ and hit enter. What better way to throw an object than a coin? Do you want to play some additional Google trick games (google games of search) to keep up your sleeves?

Trick 10: Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

When when you enter zerg rush into Google search the number of zeros be displayed on your screen. Click them to destroy the zombies, for If you don’t do it, they’ll consume all of the results of your search! *Wicked*

Check it out to find out other cool Google tips (google games of search)!

Trick 11: Google Sphere – Google Trick Game

Google Sphere

On the Google homepage, type Google sphere and click “I’m feeling lucky. Within a few minutes, the components on the webpage will assume the shape of a circle! It’s one of our favorite Google trickery (google search game)that we really love!

Trick 12: Google Pirate

 Google Pirate

You like pirates, aye, matey? This is so cool! Visit Google’s homepage. On the Google home page, enter in ‘Google pirate’ and click “I’m feeling lucky”. Google will begin to display everything in the pirate dialect. Take a look at the pink outline part of the image. Here are some cool Google techniques that make Google amazing to use!

Trick 13: Google Mirror

 Google Mirror

Make everything mirror images. Visit the Google website, then type in ‘Google mirror’, and then click “I’m feeling lucky”. Mirror mirrors on the browser and who is the smartest of all? Can Google improve with its amazing Google tricks?

Trick 14: The Walk To Mordor – Google Trick

The Walk To Mordor

This option is for people who love Lord Of The Rings. Just launch Google Maps by typing the following to locate directions from ‘The Shire or ‘Rivendell’, to ‘Mordor’. Google will show you an itinerary (Complete with warnings beware!)

Trick 15: Speak Klingon

Speak Klingon

For all you Star Trek fans out there, Google has a Klingon version you can look at when you’ve got some spare time even if you can’t understand a single word it’s saying!

Trick 16: Google Askew

Google Askew

Another of the most interesting Google tricks you can try is typing “askew” in Google’s Google results bar can sort of tilt its head on its own. Similar to what happens in the event you type ’tilt’ into the search bar!

Trick 17: Customise Google With Your Name

Customise Google With Your Name

If you’ve ever thought of personalizing Google with your personal name and address, then Google has a trick to do it too! Enter ‘Goglogo’ into Google’s Google search bar, and then click on “I’m feeling lucky”. If you type your name in the ‘Goglogo search box, you’ll get a personalized Google homepage personalized to your name!

Trick 18: Slay Some Dragons – Google Trick

The next Google trick works specifically designed for Google spreadsheets. Hit Shift with “F12”, and you’ll get dragons you could have killed!

Slay Some Dragons

You now know the Google homepage tricks you need to think about the next time you get some free time!

Trick 19: Anagram


Anagram is also a well-known and enjoyable Google trick you’d like to learn about. When you type in the phrase “Anagram in Google the search engine prompts you in return, asking “Did you mean nag a ram?” An anagram can be described as a phrase or word that is created by changing the letters of a word. For instance, silent is a rearranged version of the term listen.

Trick 20: Kerning


Kerning is yet another fantastic google trick that creates there is space between the characters. For a chance to test this fantastic google trick, just search the term ‘kerning’, as well as scroll down view every time it appears in searches, you’ll notice a slight variation between characters.

Trick 21: Smarty Pins(Google Search Game)

Smarty Pins

Smarty Pins is one of the best google search games Google’s search games are based upon geography. It is a game that involves asking questions about locations across the globe. Then you have to answer the question by putting your marker on Google Maps. The first thing you must do during this contest is select one of your subjects like geography, science, cultural entertainment, and many more. The most interesting aspect of the game is that after you’ve answered the five required questions you win a prize!

Trick 22: Quick Draw( Google Search Game)

Another Google search game can be played with Quick Draw. In this game, Google requests the player to draw something on the webpage and the Google network tries to find the doodling. It’s fun because as you draw, google continues to guess the doodle and it’s enjoyable to observe!

Quick Draw

I hope you have enjoyed reading about these amazing Google tricks like how to perform an Askew, barrel roll, or games like drawing quickly. If you’re a fan, then take a look and enjoy yourself today!

Trick 23: Explore Mars

These days, everyone is going to Mars. You too can! You can too! Just type Google Mars in Google’s search field and you will be able to explore the red world.

explore mars

This is a clever invention by Google. It’s safer and easier than taking off in a rocket.

It’s also completely free!

The answer to your life

Feeling disillusioned? Do you want to find the answer? Google will answer your question by simply typing an answer to the universe and all into its search box.

Yup. Now you can relax.

This definitive answer is a nod to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy, which made this claim for the first time.

To sum up…

You may still need to know more everyday, practical, and common-sense tips to improve your marketing.

Trick 24: Roll a dice, color picker, and metronome, or flip a coin

Roll a dice

This is a quick and easy way to play any number of dice-related games while on the move! Google will search for the phrase roll dice or roll die to create a virtual experience in dice throwing. There are many different combinations and styles of dice available. To start the dice rolling, click on the blue button “roll”.


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