Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir who teaches in EDEN IAS is one of the best teachers for Essay Writing in UPSC Mains Examination. 

I was not aware of EDEN IAS, as I never heard about this coaching until in 2019 my library mate introduced me to sir. In the very first meeting, I felt the motivation and truthfulness in Roy Sir’s talks.

I enrolled in Essay Classes and Ethics Integrity and Aptitude Test Series of EDEN IAS. This was the best experience. Today I feel much more confident in my Ethics writing – which was not the case earlier. I am thankful to my friend and Roy Sir – and that is why I am writing this post so that others also get help in their UPSC preparation.

The reason for saying that I feel more confident is, in 2019 UPSC Mains my essay and Ethics marks get improved by 12 and 10 marks respectively, and the same was the case in the year 2020 too. This is the only reason; any aspirant wants to take help from any guide in their UPSC journey.

EDEN IAS Essay classes are best among all others. One should not waste time in running behind the big names which are useless.

One personal suggestion I would like to give: Why Essay paper deserves attention? 

1) Less Effort More Benefit: With putting in even less hard work one can expect marks in the range 140+. If we compare it with other subjects, take for example Optional, then quantum jump of 30-40 marks in Optional Papers one needs to invest 2-3 months but to take a jump from 100-110 marks in Essay to 140-150 range, requires smart work with very little effort.

2) Marks Variation – In GS paper marks variation is not that high but in Essay, paper one can observe some students do get marks in the range 140-150 whereas some are getting as low as 80-90. So, if an aspirant just put in a little extra effort, he/she can have a substantive edge in scoring the good marks in Essay paper in comparison to other GS subjects.

3) Not much extra effort required: – This paper doesn’t require any extra effort. Just the knowledge gained in the GS paper’s preparation and a little bit of guidance can help one in tackling this paper. One must have a suggestion to every aspirant is just don’t attempt this paper without any guidance and practice any test series. Though in UPSC Mains Examination Essay is easy but it does not mean it should be left unchartered.

So, take all the minimal required possible guidance and trust me in the matter of guidance no one is better than Mr. Tirthankar Roychowdhary Sir. He is the unique and one is never going to regret it under his guidance. As my experience says mark improvement is guaranteed.

Hope this will help whomsoever concerned about this. 


  • Focus on revision for most of the day. This should include reading the newspaper, updates on current affairs, and revising the static content.
  • In addition, practice mock tests every day. (Even I would suggest starting your day by solving the mock tests, then coming to the revision part.)
  • Invest extra time in solving test papers, as this helps improve speed.

Subject management:

Do not pick something new at the last minute in an attempt to ensure that you cover everything.

You can break your subject’s revision into the following time slots. 

  • Indian polity and governance in 8 days,
  • History, Art & Culture in 17 days,
  • Geography in 8 days,
  • Economics in 7 days,
  • Science and technology in 4 days,
  • Environment and ecology in 6 days.

Align the static and current subjects. For example, if your timetable for the day has Economics, divide the time equally between the current and static parts. | 

One requires a certain level of preparedness to be able to attempt this exam. This cannot be achieved by last-minute reading and go Write for us For Free article.

(You can also join any Prelims crash course; these courses help you in making punctuality and disciplined. EDEN IAS Mission Prelims Programmed provides a well-framed strategy in form of revision cum tests. This year the institute has designed the course in a targeted manner. One can give it a try.) | 

Apart from following these tips, make sure you stay in the right frame of mind. Take breaks and keep yourself physically active and indulge in activities that induce positive thoughts and help keep negativity at bay.

Note: The strategies vary person to person, so read everyone’s suggestions but follow which is best suited to you.)

Good Luck Guys …. Happy Writing  


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