8 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean and Presentable

8 Tips to Keep Your Outdoor Space Clean and Presentable

First physical impressions can last, and this statement is not only applicable to people. The appearance of your home matters, and it can say a lot about you as a homeowner. Many people tend to their lawns to make them clean and presentable to their guests and neighbors. However, some people may find it tricky to keep a clean household exterior. Others may easily get intimidated by the effort, costs, and maintenance without even trying–so nothing ever gets done.


Despite the thought of the trouble, consistency pays off. A well-maintained garden can improve the appeal or increase your home’s value. Several tools, such as a leaf blower or cordless pool vacuum, can keep certain areas clean. But tools are not enough to have a pristine lawn or backyard if you do not know what to do with them. Well, good news! Here is a guide for keeping a pristine lawn or backyard tidy.

1.  Trim the grass regularly.

Grass is a common sight outdoors, and you can expect to see grass from parks to homes when there is fertile soil, sunlight, and water. And whether you have a grassy front yard or a backyard garden, you may want to trim the grass regularly.


Unkempt grass can make your outdoors look unappealing to the eyes, as if you are out in the wilderness instead of at a relaxing home. Not to mention, insects could ruin your outdoor experience, especially if you plan a weekend picnic. When you regularly trim the grass, you can turn your front yard or backyard into a relaxing hangout spot instead of a wilderness.

2.  Ensure your pool has no moss or dirt.

If you live in a spacious area, it will not be a surprise if you have a swimming pool. Swimming pools are not just any ordinary outdoor decoration; you can also use them to exercise or cool down, especially during hot days or seasons. However, swimming pools require constant maintenance, and you should constantly remove moss or dirt.


A cordless vacuum can easily remove moss and dirt from your pool. Aside from moss and dirt, you also need to regularly replace the chlorine to ensure that the water is not home to possible harmful bacteria and other microorganisms. You could also try draining the water to keep the pool tiles clean and in pristine condition.

3.  Use water to get rid of dust and pollen.

If you live in a tropical area, you can expect dust to accumulate, especially on hot days or seasons. And aside from dust, pollen can also be a recurring hassle during warm days. If a strong wind or breeze passes, pollen can scatter, even outdoors. To remove dust and pollen, use water.


Just sprinkle some water on your lawn or garage if it is dusty. You could also use a bucket and a dipper as an alternative. And if you feel like doing some more work, you can try scrubbing any tiles or cemented outdoor areas with soap, which can let you get rid of dirt or stains.

4.  Remove fallen dry leaves.

Trees are always lovely to have on a lawn or garden. Aside from providing shade, you can also feel some fresh wind when you have trees outdoors. However, it is a fact that they tend to lose their leaves, especially if they dry up or colder seasons are approaching. And who wants a lawn or yard filled with fallen dry leaves?


You could gather dry leaves with a rake or broom and dispose of them afterward. Although it may be tempting to burn them, avoid doing so to prevent possible fire hazards, smoke, and harm to the environment. Instead, you can leave them in compost or use them for leaf decor.

5.  Try adding decorations depending on the holiday.

Holidays are always fun to celebrate. From launching fireworks every 4th of July to spending time with your family every Christmas, these festivities will always give us special memories and fun times. To enjoy these festivities more, you can always decorate your front yard or backyard with the appropriate decorations.


Choose the right design per holiday to display on your lawn. Every Halloween, you can always add jack-o-lanterns, fake tombstones, and anything spooky or scary. And for Christmas, you will never go wrong with bright and colorful lights. It may be tedious, but adding holiday decorations to your yard will show your holiday spirit.

6.  Keep an eye out for animal droppings.

Your home will never have a dull moment when you have pets around. Or if you live near a forest, seeing some wildlife, such as deer or raccoons, is always an exciting moment. But animal manure will always be a constant hassle despite having pets or being near wildlife.


No one likes the sight of animal droppings. So, to keep your outdoors clean, always scoop up manure with a broom and dustpan. And do not throw them irresponsibly! Like dried leaves, you can use animal manure in compost; if not, throw it with other biodegradable products.

7.  Water your plants regularly.

Water is not only beneficial when getting rid of dust or pollen on your lawn. Aside from this application, water is also a requirement if you have a garden or blooming plants outdoors. And speaking of plants, if you have a green thumb and you love growing them, do not forget to water your plants.


It is a no-brainer that plants can wilt if you do not water them regularly. And while at it, why not watch insects that can destroy them, like caterpillars? Guarding your plants against these creatures will let them retain their beauty and overall health.

8.  Put away any items that do not belong outdoors after using them.

And lastly, your lawn or yard can also be an enjoyable hangout spot. You can expect some liters, such as cans or bottles, after a fun party or toys when children play outside. Nobody likes a lawn filled with litter, so always allot some time for outdoor clean-up after a party or children’s playdate.

In a Nutshell,

Like the other rooms in your household, you should always maintain your yard or lawn. After all, the exterior of a house can give some ideas about the habits and characteristics of its owner. So whether your outdoors is clean or messy, it will say a lot about you. These eight tips are some of the many things you can do to clean your outdoors. For more information, visit Storables.com.

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