Unique Ninja and WWE coloring pages for kid

Unique Ninja and WWE coloring pages for kid

Coloring is unlimited ideas and colors. Coloring activities are held to develop and support children’s constant creativity. Parents and teachers should create more conditions for children to participate in these activities. Today we bring coloring topics that may be weird but no less attractive: Ninja and WWE coloring pages.

Ninja coloring pages: Is Ninja good or bad?

Referring to Japan, surely no one does not know about the Samurai and Ninja, two famous forces that have created the characteristics of Japanese culture. In today’s article, we will learn about Ninja in detail!


Printable Ninja coloring sheets

History and Origin of Ninja:

Contrary to the majestic and noble history of the samurai, the origins of the Ninja are mostly question marks. According to recorded history, this force appeared around the 14th century at the end of the Heian period. However, whether that is true is unknown because of the nature of their secret activities.

Regarding the class composition, many historians agree that shinobi originated from the familiar people, or masterless samurai like the ronin, even samurai who accepted to give up their status to fulfill their obligations.

Principle and operation of the Ninja:

Unlike the mission of protecting and fighting on the battlefield of the samurai, the Ninja is full of not-so-glorious tasks, such as spying, infiltration, sabotage, and assassination.

Ninjas are trained almost as much as samurai because some of the ninja ranks were once samurai. They are proficient in weapons and techniques such as Kenjutsu (Sword Technique), Iaijutsu (Drawing Technique), etc. They are also very good at using swords. However, unlike the samurai, the Ninja’s techniques are top-notch, but their chances are not very high when they fight fairly.

In return, Ninja is very good at techniques such as flying technique (also similar to Parkour), stealth skills, hiding, and using support tools like climbing hooks. Those were things that ordinary samurai couldn’t do.

Ninja tends to use light, compact, but highly effective weapons such as shuriken (sword guard), shoku (hand spike), kusarigama (chain sickle), knives, and short swords like Tantou (short sword) and wakizashi (samurai also often use this type of sword to fight, instead of katana).

These light weapons facilitate movement, increase attack speed, and quickly assassinate targets. Meanwhile, samurai used to use heavier and bulkier weapons.

Ninja’s Invisibility Technique:

The most special feature of the Ninja is the technique of stealth and air attack. Ninja has a stealth technique used to assassinate high-ranking Japanese officials in ancient times.

Ninja wore a black shirt and covered his face, leaving only his eyes open. They perform the task at night because the enemy would be difficult to detect. Ninja only cleverly used fabrics of the same color as trees or roofs to hide when the enemy pursued, and they succeeded in this.

If you pay attention, you will see that Ninjas always run in straightforward steps, so they control their weight and make no noise.

The art of using assistive devices:

Due to the unique combat characteristics, most have to operate in the heavily guarded area of the enemy; the Ninjas often have to use many tools to support penetration and attack from a distance.

Due to the need to carry, most support tools must be compact, most of them rudimentary, requiring the ability to be used for many different purposes, and must be practiced.

Ninja coloring pages are an indispensable topic in children’s coloring activities

Children’s childhoods are often associated with cartoons with images of heroes who specialize in saving the world and fighting against evil forces. One of the movies that made the most impression on the children is impossible, not to mention the movie Ninja Turtles.

That movie revolves around the story of 4 heroic and powerful Ninja Turtles with four names, Rap, Leo, Don, and Mic, against the forces of darkness that always attract children to follow.

We provide children with Ninja coloring pages, including coloring pages about Ninja, Ninjago, ninja lego, and ninja turtle. These topics sure kids will love to explore, especially boys.

Ninja coloring pages are quality and free; parents can visit our website, choose the pictures their kids like, then download and print them. Children will have unique coloring pages. Children can prepare a variety of colors to color them.

Ninja coloring pages are suitable for children of all different ages. Both boys and girls will love these coloring pictures because they look so funny and lovely.

Parents will feel secure and confident when children have fun and learn with Ninja coloring pages. The unique coloring pages will spark children’s creativity, play, and imagination with fun drawings. The diverse colors of crayons will attract children’s curiosity and excitement. Children can participate in coloring for a few hours without getting bored.

We encourage parents to let their children participate in coloring with Ninja coloring pages as much as possible because of the unique benefits that coloring pages bring to children. We hope that children will be fully developed physically and mentally. Basic skills such as concentration, observation, agility, and sensitivity will support children in the development process.

Through the characters in the Ninja coloring pages, children will also learn more profound meanings about courage, help, or sympathy.

WWE coloring pages: Let’s find out what this strange term is!

WWE coloring sheets1
              WWE coloring sheets

Printable WWE coloring sheets

What is WWE?

Whenever you mention the names of actors The Rock and John Cena, you are too familiar with the big screen. But did you know that these big guys used to be famous wrestlers before becoming superstars?

WWE is an acronym for the company World Wrestling Entertainment. It Means a world entertainment wrestling company. Its predecessor is the company Titan Sports, founded on February 21, 1980, by Vincent K. McMahon. WWE Company operates in entertainment, sports, and mass media. Its main activities are focused on television, the internet, and live tournaments.

Currently, WWE is the attraction of many wrestlers in many countries. Talented wrestlers all want to shine in WWE.

When watching WWE’s wrestling shows, many people have wondered, is this a performance, or is it a real competition?

WWE wrestling is entertainment, has a pre-made script, and has an arrangement of who wins and who loses. However, WWE wrestlers always try to show the most authentic technique, create drama, attract viewers and make them feel like they are watching an actual match, extremely honest and intense.

WWE coloring pages depicting famous martial artists in the world

If your child loves extreme and violent sports like WWE, and in addition to the programs he watches on TV, he can participate in coloring the WWE coloring pages. These fun coloring pages are for both kids and adults. Not all kids know WWE, but most adults know WWE, and maybe that’s the sport they love to watch.

WWE coloring pages are mainly pictures of wrestlers in the world with many characteristics such as large, muscular bodies. The typical pictures when looking at we can see what subject they belong to.

WWE color pages may not be as attractive and exciting as a cartoon, superhero, or toy coloring page. However, this is a new topic for children to participate in coloring in a new way, avoiding boredom by repetitive topics. Parents can use the WWE wrestler coloring pages to guide their children to color the pictures of people appropriately. We always hope that each coloring theme will bring children valuable lessons.

The WWE coloring page will assist children in recognizing and choosing the right colors for the picture’s topics. Children will be trained in coloring skills, observation skills, and carefulness. Who knows, with their creativity and rich imagination, children will create the most vivid and realistic pictures.


Ninja and WWE coloring pages are new and unique-topic pictures for kids and adults. We think parents should change topics for children often so that children can learn more knowledge and discover more beautiful and unique images.

Each coloring topic is an opportunity for children to learn lessons about life. We have a lot of coloring pages for kids, equivalent to many stories and profound lessons. Let’s discover all those beautiful things through coloring pages!


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