How to Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card?

Have you ever experienced the momentary panic of deleted photos from your SD card? Do not fear as we’ve got a surefire way to recover them! In this blog, we explore methods that utilise Stellar Photo Recovery Software and provide straightforward instructions on how to restore those memories.

Unforeseen disasters can happen to your SD card without warning, but don’t panic! Stellar Photo Recovery software is here with the perfect solution for you. Download the free trial version of this recovery program and revisit all those cherished memories that were once on your SD card; compatible with Windows & Mac operating systems alike.

Reason Responsible For Photo Loss From Memory Card

1. Physical Damage to SD card

SD cards are an invaluable tool for digital storage and transport, but need special care to maintain their deli­cate condition. Even the slightest bump or exposure to liquid can render data unreadable – so make a habit of gently inserting, removing and handling your memory card!

2. SD Card Not Recognized by Laptop/PC

Even the most tech-savvy of us may find ourselves in a predicament when our SD card is not recognized by devices such as cameras, mobiles phones, laptops or PCs. The cause could be anything from failure of its controller to bad blocks and even manufacturing defects.

3. Corruption of Photos

Data corruption on SD cards is a looming threat, with various factors potentially contributing to it. These include the use of incompatible devices and faulty wiring, exposure to malware-laden content or electrostatic shock from mishandling. Care must be taken when dealing with sensitive digital information in order ensure its safety and security against these risks.

. Misalignment of the card with the host device caused an error.

. Capturing memorable moments should never be hindered by a drained camera battery. Make sure to keep your device powered with extra batteries for all of life’s precious, irreplaceable memories!

. Regular usage of an SD card near capacity can have detrimental effects on device performance, such as reduced speed and reliability. To prevent these issues, it is important to regularly check the status of your SD cards and securely back up any valuable data before freeing up space.

. Cybercrime is an ever-growing threat, and malicious software such as viruses or malware can wreak havoc on computer systems. Fortunately, by taking proper precautions against these cyberattacks one can protect their devices from the danger they pose.

. The card’s versatility enables it to be used across a myriad of devices, offering users greater flexibility and convenience.


4. Accidental Deletion

No matter your reason for deleting images, it’s important to immediately discontinue use of the SD card once they are gone. Using the same after deletion increases chances that previous data will be replaced and lost forever.

Ways To Recover Deleted Photos From SD Card?

Have you accidentally deleted precious photos from your SD card? Don’t worry! Stellar Photo Recovery ensures their safe retrieval with a remarkably potent software. You can even recover formatted cards, so all of those cherished images are never truly lost.


Where do deleted pictures go from SD Card?

Losing precious photos and memories can be devastating, especially when they are accidentally deleted from an SD card. However, all hope is not lost – it may still be possible to retrieve these cherished images with the help of recovery software as long as no further read or write operations take place on the device! The best way to ensure a successful recovery mission is by avoiding any additional data being written onto your storage media.

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How to Recover Deleted Photos from an SD Card?

Are you having difficulty recovering your precious photos from the SD card? Here are some helpful methods to make retrieving them easier.

1. Use a Photo Recovery Software

SD card photo recovery software makes the process of retrieving lost photos a breeze; with access to powerful algorithms, users can recover their most precious memories quickly and efficiently. Its utility is not limited only to digital cameras’ memory cards but extends further into other types of storage media such as hard drives or USB flash drives – ensuring that no important picture ever goes missing again.

Why use Stellar Photo Recovery Software?

Our advanced photo recovery software offers reliable solutions for retrieving images from formatted SD cards. Boasting compatibility with RAW and diverse file types – such as JPG, PNG, and more  – the application also provides dual monitor functionality to maximize efficiency when using multiple windows. Not only limited to cameras or drones, our sophisticated program is compatible with countless devices; including mobile phones, laptops and CCTV systems. What’s more: deep scanning ensures optimum results are generated each time! For ultimate preservation of recovered data output can be saved in drive image or ISO format.


2. Recover Photos from Backup

Keeping your photos safe is a priority for any photographer. Safeguard against accidental erasure by creating backups of each new photo you take – whether it’s in the cloud via Google Drive, iCloud or MS OneDrive; using an external/internal hard drive; Dropbox and other options provide ample means to protect every last memory captured on SD card. Be mindful that should you ever delete valuable memories from your camera roll unexpectedly, there are ways to recover them with strategic backup planning!

3. Use a Photo Recovery Service

If your attempts to revive images through photo recovery software are fruitless, entrusting the task of recovering them onto data experts is highly recommended. With their expertise and technical proficiency, these professionals possess the ability to salvage deleted photographs or videos from a damaged SD card that would have been impossible for you to recover otherwise. Carefully evaluating any potential data service provider’s reliability before committing will ensure that all sensitive information remains confidential and secure throughout this process.

Tips To Prevent Deleted Photos from SD Cards

To maintain the integrity of your device, refrain from removing its SD card while it is being utilized. Doing so could lead to data loss and negatively affect the performance of your device.

To ensure maximum performance and reliability, it is recommended that you use a separate SD card with each device. Reusing cards across multiple devices may lead to data loss or corruption of your important information.

Keep your SD card in a secure, temperate environment by protecting it from exposure to excessive heat, moisture and humidity. To maximise the lifespan of your card, ensure its usage does not reach 90% full. Backing up your photos is essential for ensuring their longevity and protection – take the time to regularly save copies of precious memories!



To ensure that photo recovery software isn’t necessary, create a habit of backing up your data regularly. Despite best intentions, however, even the most diligent can forget and face consequences in case of bad luck – like when an SD card no longer registers on any device. Fortunately with professional programs such as Stellar Photo Recovery you can save yourself much distress by restoring lost images due to both physical or logical errors in one go.




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