Should we do UPSC coaching for 2-3 years or just one year only?

If you are dreaming to have that red beacon, then clearing UPSC CSE Examination is mandatory. UPSC is one of the toughest examinations of the country. This examination requires hard work and but not only the hard work, rather that hard work need to be in the right direction.

So yes, if your goal is clear, and you have just made your mind that you want to be an IAS/IPS/IFS then you can give your 2-3 years. But these years should not be solely dedicated to the preparation of UPSC rather with your undergraduate programme you can simultaneously do the UPSC preparation.

If you are in the area which is being called hub of UPSC you can take 2-3 years course otherwise one year course is also good.

Now the question comes, which is the best coaching for upsc in india for 2-3 years?

In market there are so many names which provides 2-3 years coaching, but best coaching that comes in mind is EDEN IAS. EDEN IAS provides 3 kind of foundation courses, they are:

  • IAS Foundation – LAKSHYA- 3 Years
  • IAS Foundation – LAKSHYA- 2 Years
  • IAS Foundation – UTKARSH- 1 Years

IAS Foundation – LAKSHYA- 3 Years

  1. First Year:
  • During this year foundation of concepts related to the General Studies, Essay, Current Affairs and CSAT is being done.
  1. Second Year:
  • In second year, you are being taught about enrichment courses. These courses include ethics and other mains-oriented subjects.
  • You are also being taught to do the advance answer writing practices under STEPS Programmed.
  1. Third Year:
  • The third year is all about Revision Enrichment of Marks scoring subjects and lots of practice of Prelims and Mains through target-based tests and rigorous answer writing practice.

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IAS Foundation – UTKARSH- 1 Years

  • During first 10-12 months the emphasis is being put on strong foundation of concept building related to the General Studies, Essay, Current Affairs and CSAT.
  • GS Classes are delivered in the form of Prelims cum Mains… (GS I, II, III, IV) in subject wise fashion.
  • The end of 10 months coincided with the release of UPSC Coaching application form. So, coming next months are only related to practice and analysis-based revision and lots of practice. And same revision happens after the end of Prelims for Mains.

Thus, one can understand that in the one-year foundation course there is rush for finishing the subject and syllabus as we are less with time. However, in two- and three-year foundation courses we don’t have paucity of time, so we get more time to clear the concepts and able to do at least three revisions of the whole course. So, by analyzing all the possible angles for 2-3 years courses, there is no harm in joining it. However, the condition is you need to be clear in your goal, otherwise it could be the waste of time too.


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